Happy holidays

Time flies when you are having fun, can’t believe this year is almost over! My last official trip was to Fetch San Diego, one of three Fetch conferences and the last conference of the year for many. San Diego is awesome, always nice weather (although it was bit snippy when I arrived), great food, and a wonderful convention center.

So what did I learn at Fetch? 1. There is a lot of nutritional myths going around and there are some vets actively promoting them. My advice is to always look for the evidence behind claims and yes, we do live in a world were marketing is used, so get used to it. 2. Work-life balance is very important, not only for yourself but also for people that are around you and that you work with. Happy people = happy workplace = happy clients. 3. Dr. Jessica Vogelsang has a magical new podcast talking internet/media craziness and debunking some real shockers (see point 1). If you are interested, look at: http://www.whatthewoopodcast.com


What I like the most about these conferences is meeting awesome people and Jessica is surely one of them. I had the pleasure to also have dinner with Dr. Jody Lulich, his partner Joe and Dr. Sheri Ross. We talked, urology, of course and how we are going to enhance the #stopstruvitenow movement, which is taking over this beautiful globe!


After Fetch, a crosscountry flight took me to Orlando, land of gators and lots of children and attractions. I spent 2 days, doing things that I would never do voluntarily, so the question remains, why? Tom Bohn, CEO of NAVC and I were taping 2 days of daredevil stuff for a video that will be launched at the opening ceremony of VMX in January. Helicopter rides, zip-lining, hugging gators, skydiving and being strapped to a flying canon ball, all was encompassed.


Sometimes you just have to do things that are out of your comfort zone, I guess. None of them were really that scary and both the (inline) skydive and the sling shot were kinda fun to do. I do love my job with all the extremes that I have to endure :-).

Untitled design (9) What rests is to wish you all happy holidays and a fantastic start of the New Year. It has been a great year and the year is almost at its end. Long live the New Year! Keep on cutting..

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Veterinary surgeon interested in cancer. Author, cat & dog lover with a focus on evidence-based medicine

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