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The Veterinary Surgery Podcast is a first of its kind podcast that focuses on surgical advance in veterinary medicine with host Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn. Dr. Jolle is a diplomate of the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Surgery and has lots of experience in veterinary surgery. Dr. Jolle will interview fellow surgeons, review articles that are recently published and will discuss 2 books he will be working on in the near future. You can also follow Dr. Jolle on his Global Veterinary Surgery Facebook or Instagram pages (@drjolle).

VSPC01 Veterinary Surgery Podcast Introduction

This is the first of many podcasts about veterinary surgery hosted by Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, famous surgeon and storyteller. Jolle will explain what his plans are with this podcast and share some of the upcoming topics. If you are interested in surgery, this is the podcast to follow!

VSPC02 Canadian VSSO congress, snow storms and google search

Yay, the first Vet Surg Podcast is really live now. In this episode, we have a surprise interview with dr. Sarah Boston from Canada who is battling a snowstorm while we speak. I also do a live Google search and come up with an amazing hit and we discuss the upcoming VSSo congress that you can NOT miss! Anything goes in this surgery podcast. Subscribe now!!

Esophageal foreign body
VSPC03 NYC vibes, Westminster dog show and esophageal foreign bodies

This is podcast number 3 with a great interview with dr. Joe Kinnarney, a general practitioner from North Carolina who does a lot of surgery himself but also owned a dog that won the Westminster Dog Show best of show in 1995. Joe also was AVMA president and now is the president of the AVMA Foundation. We discuss his favorite surgery and the backstage hustle and bustle of a big show. Dr. Jolle dives into the latest news about a virus that causes cat cancer and a new technique to remove esophageal foreign bodies.

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VSPC05 COVID-19, reconstruction, Swedish surgery tricks and telemedicine

The fifth episode of the veterinary surgery podcast is full of information about COVID-19 and how you can respond to the crisis. We will review tension relieving techniques in skin surgery and have an interview with a Swedish surgeon that loves orthopedics! Did you know that most third eyelid neoplasms are adenocarcinomas? That was the answer to WiYD last week and we end the show with some wise words about the need for telemedicine!

Thyroid tumor in a cat
VSPC04 Thyroid cancer, a person that does not like surgery and wound healing

This episode we have a great interview with Dr. Susan Little, a famous cat vet that does not like surgery at all. The only surgeries that she does are chest tube placement and the occasional exploratory. We review a recent article about hormone-producing thyroid tumors in dogs and talk about wound healing and two upcoming events one in cancer and one in wound healing. Last but not least, we type in the word Kocher and guess what we found? Do you know what Dr. Kocher is really famous for?

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VSPC06 Covid in the Cat, An Englishman in China and getting an hypo

This week we discuss the cat with a possible corona infection and we host Dr. Alasdair Hotston Moore on the podcast. Alasdair moved from the UK to Shanghai, and works in a big referral practice. Alasdair talks about doing surgery in China, his favorite surgery of all times and how Covid has affected us and them. I give another recon tip and we discuss an article about insulinomas. Join me for a great episode.

Liver shunt in a dog
VSPC07 More covid, a limping cat, greek military dogs and feeling depressed

So excited to have Stefanos Kladakis as our special guest this week, Stefanos is a surgeon from Greece and has a position in the army taking care of all the military dogs. we discuss the latest COVID news, have a nice case of a lame cat with arthritis, look up some surgical words and last but not least discuss an article about neurologic signs after portosystemic shunt closure. 30 minutes of pure veterinary surgery pleasure!

V-Y plasty in a dog
VSPC 08 Dog eating habits, V-y plasties, a happy surgeon from Thailand and bad soft tissue sarcomas

Today features Dr. Wijit an amazing surgeon from Thailand. He tells us how surgical practice works in one of the biggest universities there and what he likes to do most. We also discuss new regulations in China that recognize dogs and cats as companion animals, one of the easier reconstruction techniques called a V-Y plasty and we discuss a cool paper about radiating soft tissue sarcomas.

VSPC 09 Breaking some bad bones and more ortho stuff

The new Vet Surg Podcast is out and has a great interview with Dr. Karen Perry, we discuss taking a pancreatic biopsy, what to do and what not, en we focus on some orthopedic stuff with an interesting article about medial pantarsal arthrodesis. Have fun!

Skin tumor in a dog

VSPC 11 Covid (what else?), Intro to surgery, a Canadian answer to cancer and some ortho articles

This time we talk to the amazing Julies Liptak, a famous cancer surgeon in Ottawa Canada, introduce the cutting edge, a new version of a basic surgery book, talk covid (what else?) because another cat article has come out and discuss actinomyces infections and cover 2 ortho articles, one in people and one in cats.

VSPC11 The Cutting Edge – Acknowledgement and Introduction

This is the first podcast in hopefully many that will describe our basic surgery book, the Cutting Edge, Basic Veterinary Surgery Techniques, edited by Dr. Gert ter Haar and myself. At first, we acknowledge all the current and previous authors and then we discuss the first chapter that talks about general nomenclature and surgical principles. it is a new experiment and we are super excited, see also our blog at


VSPC12 SQ MCTs and silent choleliths

What do MCT and Choleliths have in common: very little, except for the fact that two publications just came out about them. This episode will review two articles and give you the why and so what? SQ mast cell tumors behave differently from cutaneous ones and choleliths are commonly found in dogs with no clinical signs. what to do with them? The podcast will explain.

VSPC13 Bone infarcts, being an orthopedic surgeon and taking out thyroids

After being away for a while, we are back with a vengeance. We discuss a cool recent article in JAVMA about bone infarcts, have a great double interview with dr. Karen Perry and dr. Susan Little about orthopedics and discuss how to remove a thyroid gland in a cat. So happy to be back!

VSPC14 Spaying at a young age, a South African Texan with a new podcast and scientific jargon

in this week’s podcast we talk about a new study that looks at the relation between the age of the animal and spaying/castrating and the incidence of joint diseases and cancer formation. We have a great interview with Dr. Brandan Wustefeld Janssens about surgical oncology and his new podcast. We end with 2 nature discussions about how reading articles is becoming quite a task and why you should read one article a day to keep the doctor away.

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VSPC15 How to become good at social media, interview with Dr. Minimal Invasive and vaginovulvectomies

In this week’s episode, we discuss a new guidelines booklet that was published by AAHA, have a great interview with the famous dr. Bill Culp from UCDavis and for the first time ever we will discuss an article with one of the co-authors. Everything you always wanted to know about vulvavaginectomies.

VSPC16 Feeling constipated, geeking out with statistics and hemangiosarcoma large vs small

The amazing Dr. Laura Selmic is joining me this week and we have an extra-long interview. I first discuss chronic constipation in the cat and doing a subtotal vs a total colectomy. Laura and I the talk about her career, statistics in general, and a study she performed looking at splenic HSA in small breed dogs in comparison to large breeds. Definitely a great episode.

VSPC17 Total hip replacement, amputations and a new DOR procedure

In this episode, we have an extra-long interview with Dr. Peter Lotsikas from Skylos Sports Medicine. We discuss his latest publication about the combination of total hip replacement and amputation in dogs. Peter has a fascinating story about his surgery background and the article. He explains that THR has become very advanced and that dogs with amputation do really well with a THR if needed. We end the podcast with a neighboring article from the same journal, where a new technique for stenotic nares is described, call DOR. Want to know what it stands for? Listen to the podcast 🙂

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