Cat’s rule in Malaysia

Did you know that cats are super popular in Malaysia? Dr. Susan Little and I were invited to speak in Kuala Lumpur about cats for a whopping 5 hours! As authors of the purrpodcast,¬†, we were so honored to speak for an enthusiastic sold out audience. We discussed lots of fun topics including urinary stones,Continue reading “Cat’s rule in Malaysia”

Singapore Slings Social Media

Hello Singapore! The awesome Eric Garcia and I had the change to talk social media together at the 2018 World Small Animal Veterinary Conference. Do you know what to do with bad reviews? You should have a standard response that says you are sorry for the inconvenience and ask the person that reviewed you toContinue reading “Singapore Slings Social Media”

Global Veterinary Surgery is the resource for your surgery questions

Thanks for joining us! This website is fully dedicated to veterinary surgery with a global scope. Please be sure to visit our social media sites and listen to our excellent podcast: the veterinary surgery podcast. Download the podcast on your favorite platform A big thank you to our co-hosts: Dr. Alasdair Hotston Moore, a veterinaryContinue reading “Global Veterinary Surgery is the resource for your surgery questions”