Anything you always wanted to know about hot and cold surgery tools

Happy 2021! We just published our fourth chapter of the Cutting Edge. Dr Bart van Goethem and others discuss electro-, cryo-, and laser surgery. In electrosurgery or diathermy, heat is generated in the patient’s tissue due to an electric current, with the aim of using this heat for hemostasis or for making incisions. Electric currentContinue reading “Anything you always wanted to know about hot and cold surgery tools”

Chapter 3 of the Cutting edge is now ‘live’

Just before the new year, we have published the third chapter of ‘the Cutting Edge.’ This chapter describes the various and most common instruments you need as a surgeon. Please go to the menu and click the ‘Cutting Edge’ tab. What kind of grip do you use when you hold your instruments? The ‘pencil grip‘Continue reading “Chapter 3 of the Cutting edge is now ‘live’”

New VetSurg Podcast is published

In this episode, we have an extra-long interview with Dr. Peter Lotsikas from Skylos Sports Medicine. We discuss his latest publication about the combination of total hip replacement and amputation in dogs. Peter has a fascinating story about his surgery background and the article. He explains that THR has become very advanced and that dogsContinue reading “New VetSurg Podcast is published”

The Cutting Edge Chapter 2 will be online soon!

It is happening at last! I have just finalized the copy for the Cutting Edge. Basic Surgery for the Veterinary Surgeon, 3rd edition. So what does this mean? I will send the whole thing to a graphic designer to make it beautiful, and as soon as that is done, it will be freely downloadable onlineContinue reading “The Cutting Edge Chapter 2 will be online soon!”

The Cutting Edge: Acknowledgement

The third edition of ‘The Cutting Edge, Basic Veterinary Surgery Techniques’ has been prepared by various veterinary lecturers at the Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Ghent, and the Royal Veterinary College of the London University. Its goal is to teach students the essential art of surgery without having a specific speciesContinue reading “The Cutting Edge: Acknowledgement”