Cats and COVID-19 an update from WSAVA

COVID-19 – An update for WSAVA Members Week ending April 3rd, 2020   Our COVID-19 update of March 27 ended with a STOP PRESS note about reports of a cat living in Belgium that was reported to be RT-PCR positive and clinically ill.   Following the publication of a manuscript showing cats and ferrets toContinue reading “Cats and COVID-19 an update from WSAVA”

First cat suspected of having the human novel corona virus in Belgium

The Brussels times is quoting a Belgian virologist who states that the University of Luik has a suspect cat with SARS-CoV2 in its stool, possibly after being infected by the owner. Coronavirus: Belgian cat infected by owner This was mentioned in a press conference by virologist Stephen van Gught. The cat started showing clinical signsContinue reading “First cat suspected of having the human novel corona virus in Belgium”

New global veterinary surgery podcast is out!

The next Veterinary Surgery Podcast is out and now downloadable. We will be talking about great resources for COVID-19 information including the WSAVA websites: and Clinician’s Brief: We also share some positive news about COVID-19 at the end of the podcast. On my last trip (for a while), I had the pleasure toContinue reading “New global veterinary surgery podcast is out!”

‘No evidence that COVID-19 can be contracted from pets’

Press Information WSAVA Moves to Reassure Pet Owners ‘No evidence that COVID-19 can be contracted from pets’ The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has moved to reassure pet owners following the news that a dog in Hong Kong, quarantined after it had tested positive for SARS- CoV-2 has died. The dog had been releasedContinue reading “‘No evidence that COVID-19 can be contracted from pets’”

Important news from WSAVA

Press Information WSAVA Calls for Veterinary Clinics to be Classified as ‘Essential Businesses’ Globally The  World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is calling on governments and veterinary authorities globally to ensure that veterinary hospitals and clinics are classified as ‘essential businesses’ and  are able to continue to offer all necessary care to patients during theContinue reading “Important news from WSAVA”